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Coaching Philosophy

Posture correctors are not a permanent option that your clients will be coming back to time and time again. They’ll need to get to a point where they can hold good posture without any assistance. Therefore, you need to recommend that they stop using the device as soon as they notice their form improving, and they can stay mindful to keep the proper posture.

Yes, your client will retain good posture, but once the posture corrector is off, they are back to where they started. So, you need to follow up with your clients and stress the need for them to only use posture correctors as a tool.



When I’m not actually running, I’m researching ways to improve myself as a coach so I can help my runners improve.

The quality of the posture corrector plays a significant role in ensuring that your client successfully retrains their muscles and can hold the proper posture. Here are the main things your clients should look out for when investing in a posture corrector.

Your clients can have the posture corrector on for some time and remove it to retrain their posture without help. Then, over time, they’ll be able to sit or stand up straight without the aid of a posture corrector.

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